3 ways to tap into your creativity

Creativity is not a talent; it’s a way of operating” John Cleese

The artist doesn't have a monopoly on creativity. All of us are creative in what we do, what we say and how we act. 
It is an essential part of you to live up to your creative potential.

Fun can get the creative energy firing. When at your work or anywhere, where is the fun in what you are doing? Do you give yourself permission to look at a situation from another angle and are curious to see if it was done a different way what would it look like?

Opportunity accepted means you are stepping into creativity. You are not quite sure where it will lead but you trust your creative potential to give you the answers. Your strength is in knowing that when you operate creatively, looking at new ways, new ideas, open minded , then the solutions will follow. You adopt that positive attitude towards change and see possibilities.

 Find the Beauty in your life. If you want to see creativity in action then look to yourself, to your surroundings, to the work that you do. Creativity is in you and it surrounds you, it's just that you may not have been paying attention.

What are you trying to achieve?
What are your goals?
Do you want to get in better shape?
Do you want that promotion?
Find the beauty in what you want and what you do and you will recognise that you are creative. 

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