Promoting a Healthy Self Esteem

Imagine you are sitting on a hill, looking out over a beautiful scene

Think about the last few days

  • Have you made a choice that you think could be better but you didn't because of the other person?
  • Have you stood up for yourself and taken responsibility?
  • Do you love, respect and trust yourself enough to have the courage to look at what you bring to this world?


  • How would your life change if you had a high powered healthy self esteem?

It takes a lot of self to recognise what you bring to this world and a lot of self to look at your shadow. 
Do you want to be someone who is upfront? 
Are you willing?

Here are some markers to help a healthy self esteem and in no particular order and it is a beginning. 

When you start, I know that you will seek out more because as you respect yourself, your self esteem will raise your standards and what you value will be clearer and defined.

1. Think of one area in your life you would be willing to change by the end of the day? That when you did, it would empower you. Hold to that. Keep it small and stick to it.  You are starting to gain momentum. 

2.  Strengthen your intuition, remember intuition is not a gift, it is a skill. A skill that you practise.  You will walk the unknown to build your self esteem. Your ability to hear your intuition is dependent on your self esteem.

3. Judging others can be a mirror of how you see yourself. Question yourself as to why I am judging that person.  Is this thinking you are carrying value to you? Keep tabs on your private agendas and be upfront. Your self esteem will bloom when there is honesty.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a healthy self esteem.
The greatest gift you can give to the world is a healthy you.

When genuine self love and self worth are present and alive with us.
We attract love and respect from others.

Carol Tuttle

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