The Best of Living, Living your Best

The phrase " Unlock your best Future" came to me at the beginning of the year and at the time, I knew it was more about telling myself  - come on unlock it - stop playing the safe card. I knew that the lessons and reflections I gained would be of service to others. 

For me, life was and is good, just not as balanced as I would want.  I was feeling smaller, loosing my identity, lacking the joy and I wanted it back.

It is within us all to enjoy the life we are living, to make the most of every day and to step up and believe whatever we are wanting to create, to build, to be.

If you are using words like, "should", "ought", "must", "supposed to", "if only" well this is a telltale sign that a part of you is holding back, waiting for something or someone to make it happen for you, that you can't take a step to what you are really after for fear of being wrong or standing out from the crowd.  Does this sound familiar?

Be honest, it's not the best of living or living your best. You have chained yourself to a thinking that is not serving you well and that is just a damn shame.

Time to flip that thinking.  We know that change will occur, it happens naturally and it is a part of life, we expect it. When you want to change and unlock your best future, you have the desire but it does bring on a natural anxiety - we don't know the outcome and so our safety switch goes on.

Fear and doubt of the unknown holds you back, you want to control the situation, so you hold on to the familiar routines.  Let's face it we are slow to catch on as it does takes new thinking and will power to change.

Here are  3 ways to  help with the unlocking, it will weaken the fear, doubt and anxiety.   It flips your fear of the unknown to being bold, to be marvellous and accept that you are magnificent.

1. Get moving - You would think action is the obvious but I find people freeze or procrastinate rather than do the thing. By taking small steps to want you want in your life, you don't even realise you are on the path until you look back and see how far you have come. Take just one small thing you want to do and do it today. Repeat it the next day. Repeat it the next day.....

2. Do new things, yes your brain loves novelty and even if it is the smallest of things, you are experiencing wins and you are strengthening your belief muscles. Be mindful that when you are going through the same routines every day, this weakens your ability to change and step up.  Something new can be even a another way to get to work, or a new jogging path.  Find the "new" in your everyday life.

3. Share with others your dreams, your goals, your intentions. We all have a desire to support and help each other.  Yes, there will be resistance from some, stand fast to what you want.
WHY? These forces will strengthen your resolve, give you clarity for your vision as you speak it out loud and guess what, as you share you bring others into your life to enrich and encourage you.

That old, outdated thinking of yourself will be a thing of the past. 
You will know the best of living and living your best. 

Lisa in Venice. One of my goals was to travel and expand my horizons
I am passionate about helping others experience their best and unlock those dreams and goals they put on hold.

Here are some powerful reasons how I can be of service as a coach and trainer and see the results of living your best.
  • See you achieve more in the next 12 months than at any other period in your life 
  • Show you how to get into the rhythm of accomplishment
  • Build your Focus and build your motivation
  • Work with you to set and get your goals
What about you? What do you really love to do? What does living your best look like?

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