Tomorrow belongs to those who see it coming

We all know it makes sense that to go somewhere new we need a tool to show us the way, to give us a direction and a course,  a compass, a map, a sat nav.

But what about life? It just seems weird that we don't place that much importance on how we direct our lives. To set up your tomorrows with a  certainty that it will happen. A genuine certainty and expectation for your future.
Yes, I like serendipity with the promise of the unexpected and the surprise that comes with leaving some loose ends. BUT - big but here!
The greatest excitement is when I see my intentions, my goals for my future come to life.  There is a greater excitement and exhilaration here than leaving it up to chance.

Tomorrow belongs to those who see it coming.

Starting from  desires,  dreams,  intentions,  goals,  actions - A clear line of sight to your tomorrow.

If I don't set my intentions, map out my goals, then this is what it can feel like..

  • Anxious - Anxiety comes when you are not focussing on want you want, you are indecisive, reluctant to try new things, you sabotage changing your circumstances   
  • Confused - very vulnerable and powerless to what comes your way and lack the energy to think clearly
  • Tight & dry - these signs come physically the muscles tighten, pain in your body, the skin tightens - the body wants you to have direction, purpose and clarity. It is telling you to see your tomorrow

If I do, then this is what it can feel like...

  • Bliss - it is an all pervading feeling through my mind and body, love is easy, joy is easy, happy is easy
  • Strong - immune system is working well
  • Open - I can be vulnerable, that's ok. I am master of my life and my time. I see opportunities, I see miracles, I see magic. I can handle challenges.
  • Live in the Now - Life is anything but dull, you capture each moment, enjoy each second. 
I declare My tomorrows!
My business offers a coaching and training service with the mission to help others unlock their best future and I do that through encouragement, knowledge, advocacy, coach, set and get those goals, balance, accountability. I speak publicly on how to unlock your best future.
My intellectual and spiritual growth comes from connecting with others, sharing, asking, learning, travelling. I know there is a lesson in absolutely everything.
My tomorrows are abundant, light and contributing.

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