Fearsome Fear

What is your take on fear? 
Do you think of fear as stopping you from doing what you really want to do?
Well, for me, there are 3 fear camps...which one are you in?

1. The camp where Fear strangles.

Are you in the camp where fear stops you from doing the things you want to be doing?  You are afraid you don't have the talent, that you don't get started because it has been done before, or you don't want to be ignored or rejected, perhaps you are waiting for perfect. The fear strangles your every ambition. It stops you before you can even get started. Fear is offering you a life that is so much smaller.

2. The camp where Fear is your arch enemy.

You see fear as your enemy, you face it,  smack it, tell it to f**k off. You are not having any of it and kick it to the kerb. Fear keeps popping up and you keep smacking it down. It requires your energy and stamina to keep facing it down. You think that by fighting fear it will go away and finally it will be out of your life.

3. The camp where Fear is your companion.

Perhaps, you see it is an accepted part of your life, it is there for your safety, it is a warning bell to let you know that there is a threat. You could say it is in the car with you and you have chosen for it to sit in the back seat. You respect the fear, listen and weigh up if it is true as you know that sometimes it doesn't really know what is going on.  

I have come to recognise that Fear is my companion and with it, I can be Fearsome.  I know it is with me as a tool to use.  It sharpens my focus and my motivation. There are times when the fear is not real as it does not know the difference between a dangerous situation and when it is something that is just new to me. I understand that fear has a purpose and wants to keep me safe, but I don't let fear drive my life, it can come along for the ride, offer some advice but I will choose whether I pay attention to fear.  It is not going to get in the way of my big life, my dreams and my expression.  

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