RU Available for success?

R U ready to be magnificent and see success as "this is what you do"?  It takes tenacity, it takes certainty and you are very likely to wrestle with your ego, your reputation and unhinge a lot of thinking that is not working for you.
You desire, You be magnificent, be marvellous, be the big You
Success is what it looks like when you are on your path, the path you choose and it reflects your self worth and as a wonderful benefit , it helps others to reach their best.

Success is more about what is going on inside 
what you can strive for on the outside.
Success starts with You
Is highly contagious to the group.

Today: 4 focus points on building success strength

1. Priority Focus

Where would we be without procedure, policy, SOP and our good and bad habits in our lives?  They do have a place, but they are not the priority.  They are there to reduce risk, to limit the need to re-think and a consequence is to harden our resistance to change.  Focus your thinking on  your priorities. The priorities that what will make the daily shift for better in what you do, what you say and what you think.

2. Alignment

I find there is so much chatter in its many forms, inside our head and in our world, from our past, to the maps we create to view the outside and everyday we take on more. Give yourself the time to review, sort and organise this information into useful, trivia, useless. Check yourself for what you are feeling, thinking and saying and align yourself to what will work for you.  

Healthy, giving, energising thoughts and words that are adding value to your success
No immediate impact on your path. You have recognised it does not fit into useful or useless. Not something to focus on or keep.
f you are listening to putdowns like "I doubt I can do this", that is in the Useless pile and not worth keeping. 

3. Certainty

"when you want to accomplish something, anything you must first expect it of yourself" Wayne Dyer
It is fundamental that you have a certainty, an unwavering belief that what you want to achieve you first must know it will work out.  There is something very electric about being around people who have such a certainty in their lives and make it happen.

4. Daydream Believer

This may seem contrary to how we have been taught. It was my number one thing for getting into trouble at school. "Lisa, stop daydreaming and get back to work!" When did daydreaming get to be so unpopular? Daydreaming  uses your imagination, clicks into your emotions and shows you what is possible. There are many pluses to daydreaming so I say daydream.  Your daydreams ignite your possibilities and propel you to make yourself available for success.

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